Our Story

For more than 8 years we Help in creating a culture of innovation based on interaction, and openness to international opportunities and change.

We believe a community that its foundation is based on science, technology and robotics is a community able to help making the world a better place.

GIE founded on April 2011 under one mission which is supporting the innovation ecosystem, in MENA region.

We started by organizing a roadshow to aware university students about “Start with Google” Competition.

A few months later, we organized the first round of Arab ROV Competition to develop new opportunities in ROV robotics industry in MENA region, which represents a new field in the robotics industry. Since then we have witnessed a repeatable success over the arab region.

On 2012, GIE participated at organizing The ACM-ICPC (Association for Computing Machinery - International Collegiate Programming Contest) in a partnership with The Arab academy for science technology & maritime transport.

Continuing our impacts at robotics field, we created and managed the first international outdoor robotic competition on humanitarian demining (Minesweepers) to urge youth and developers to find robotics solutions for such a serious problem.

Over the period – 2014 ~ 2015 - we organized Industry Academia Collaboration Conference to create integration between education and industry.

In 2015, we decided to bre therefore; we organized the Egyptian Science Week the first mega event of its kind in Egypt to deliver science and technology in a simple interesting way to all community segments.

Once again, We were back to organize a new event with Google, which is Google Launchpad , we led a roadshow to aware Arab universities with this program.

Innovation needs a platform to be transferred into real projects therefore; we participated with our partner Innoventures to create the environment for innovators, young entrepreneurs and startups to turn their idea into a reality. Ideaspace the co-working space that is designed to develop and share ideas between entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors. It wasn’t enough for us we also helped in establishing The Innovation Cluster to serve the community to innovate and produce useful ideas.

To help shaping the future, we started to develop technology in MENA region by creating Egypt IoT Challenge and the Global Conference on Internet of Things (GC IoT) in 2017 in order to help Senior University Students, Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises that have innovative ideas in the area of Internet of Things.

One of our biggest beliefs is that innovation must be extended to a wider scale than only technology and entrepreneurship therefore, GIE organized ByPalma Conference and Zero Agro”Waste” Competition in 2018 to spread innovation to different science fields.

we started 2018 by launching SciTech Heroes Camp for children at the age 10 – 15 years; it’s an educational camp to create an innovative generation who can build our future.

SciTech Heroes Camp represents a new chapter in our journey to develop science, technology and robotics through educational programs to create a new generation of innovators.

innovators Gathering At Supernova

We've joined forces with Ideaspace and Innoventures to bring Supernova.

Supernova is an annual, all-day long festival that celebrates the journey of innovators, from ideation to development and up until market launch and growth. The festival brings together a network of startups across different stages of their paths and connects them with investors, industry experts, and experts across diverse industries.