Why Us

Why us?

For more than 7 years in MENA, The Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GIE) Company has managed to bring the innovation ecosystem in MENA region together with several projects, programs and initiatives in the domains of innovation and entrepreneurship in different fields such as education, science, technology and robotics across the MENA region and the globe.

With the help of our precious partners and sponsors, we work aiming to develop the MENA region and double our efforts to achieve our ultimate goal.

Our Impact In

Science Week

Egyptian Science Week:

We created the Egyptian Science Week to achieve our objective of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of science.

Founded in 2015, GIE managed to gather all the scientific communities, individuals and entities in Egypt under a one umbrella: simplifying the concepts of science.

In 2016, we achieved a great success with over 150 scientific events.

In 2017, We organized three main events in Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan. We also offered more than 252 scientific offline events and 498 online activities through articles and videos.

The success we achieved over the last couple of years motivated us to accomplish more in the Egyptian Science Week 2018.

In 2018 we managed to reach five governorates and hold several field events all over Egypt, which made it a remarkable year for us.

Website: https://egyptianscienceweek.org

Zero Agro”Waste” Competition:

Zero Agro”Waste” Competition is the 1st world competition for entrepreneurs, startups, makers and students that have innovative ideas/businesses and applications in the field of Agricultural Waste Management.

It aims to keep our environment clean and provide an interdisciplinary platform for leading entrepreneurs, researchers, artisans, investors and industry professionals to encourage innovative ideas that can make wealth from agricultural “wastes” as resources for the sustainable development.

We created this competition in 2018 to become a platform connecting ideas, researchers, investors, experts and entrepreneurs working in the area of industrial utilization of palm by-products and provide an opportunity for a live dialogue and experience exchange among them.

Website: www.zeroagrowaste.org

ByPalma Conference:

Our journey in the scientific field is completed by ByPalma Conference, a pioneering conference that focuses on the by-products of palm plantation around the globe and their current and potential applications. This includes all Palmae family, such as date, coconut, oil, doum and sugar palms.

We organized this conference in 2018 to provide an interdisciplinary platform for leading academic scientists, researchers, artisans, entrepreneurs, industry professionals as well as palm growers. (repeated)

The conference aims at rediscovering edge technology for palm by-products and maximizing the added-value via industrial technological advancement. Such advancement can help in the sustainable development of vast rural & urban areas in different countries in the world, especially in the South. (south of what?)

It’s an international network of scientists, artisans, and industry professionals specialized in the area of palm by-products R&D, manufacturing, and crafts.

Website: www.ByPalma.com

IoT Challenge

Egypt IoT Challenge:

Egypt IoT Challenge is a nationwide program for Senior University Students, Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises that have innovative ideas in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) and related fields.

Egypt IoT Challenge, formerly known as Egypt IoT League, started in 2016 by Intel Corporation, in collaboration with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology; with only one track for startups.

The program attracted more than 1,000 participants from all over Egypt in its first edition. Over 300 participants of the 2016 Egypt IoT League received support from the mentor network and ecosystem organizers, had access to resources related to innovation and technology, and were given the opportunity to network with top investors in Egypt.

The top 6 chosen projects were then selected for acceleration and financial awards to support the development of their products and services. Two of them are currently incubated in a highly-reputed incubator.

In 2017, we had more than 110 graduation projects, 38 startups and 42 SMEs who applied to join the challenge. We received a 5 million EGP support; including technical and financial support for 50 graduation projects and 3 incubated startups.

Website: www.egyptiotchallenge.com

IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things (IEEE GCIOT):

After participating in organizing Egypt IoT Challenge, we continued our journey in technology by taking part in organizing the IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things (IEEE GCIOT) in 2017.

IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things (IEEE GCIOT) aims at being a regional leading annual conference and forum for IoT Innovation and research where hundreds of participants gather to present research results, share visions and ideas, obtain updates on latest technologies and expand professional and social networking.

The 2017 GCIoT was held last year at Bibliotheca Alexandrina and hosted more than 200 attendees, tens of keynote speeches and discussion panels, plenty of international speakers, and moderators; marking the conference’s success and establishing the region as the foremost forum for IoT innovation.

2018 IEEE GCIoT will not only continue the success of its predecessor but will also add to it by providing a leading forum for disseminating the latest results in IoT research, development, and applications.

Website: https://gciot.org/

Arab ROV Competition:

We started to encourage innovation at robotics field in MENA region by launching Arab ROV Competition. Arab ROV is an annual regional competition held in the Arab world from the ocean to the gulf, for those interested in the remotely operated underwater robots firstly launched in 2012 by GIE, in association with the Arab academy for science and technology “AASTMT”, as ROVs perform underwater specific missions according to certain rules and guiding manual. This competition is considered a qualifying round for the international competition organized by the marine advanced technology education “MATE” Center, as only eligible teams are to represent the Arab world at international MATE ROV competition.

It was launched in Egypt first as a local competition and began to spread out to all the Arab world until 2018, with almost 2500 competitors from 9 Arab countries, 20 different universities, 14 different schools and 10 different training centers with a total of 504 ROVs built.

Arab ROV competition was classified as one of the most inspiring activities in the international conference of the developed countries ICRA 2015, and as a result of hard work over the years. In 2018, Arab representatives were crowned first and third places at the MATE ROV international finals.

Website: www.arabrov.org

Minesweepers Competition:

Minesweepers is the first international outdoor robotics competition on humanitarian demining that aims at raising the public awareness of the seriousness of the landmines and UXOs contamination and the role of science and technology in solving such a global issue. Therefore motivate professors, engineers and students to work on innovative solutions, through providing them with the needed environment and atmosphere to work in.

“Towards a landmine free world” has been our goal since we have launched Minesweepers in 2012 with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society to find solutions, implement creative ideas and encourage youth to take a step forward in changing the world.

In 2012, Minesweepers was launched as the first international robotics competition of its kind in Egypt. At that time, only one country participated with 300 participants divided into 40 teams.

The competition expanded in 2013, as five countries joined with 450 participants divided into 70 teams.

In 2014, we experienced a new adventure in Latin America, as the competition took place in Portugal. This continued in 2015 when we went to Chile. From Europe to Latin America we spread the awareness of landmines problem. We came back to Egypt in 2016 with an expanded vision and more than a country.

In 2017, we went to Asia and Minesweepers took place in Malaysia; for over 6 years 400 robots have been built at Minesweepers with the participation of 3000 competitors from 15 countries and 70 universities.

As a new step, Minesweepers 2018 took place in IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018) as its silver sponsor, to increase awareness about landmines problem, cover the segment that is specialized in robotics and highlight the robotics solutions for this problem.

Website: www.landminefree.org

Scitech Heroes:

To be able to encourage innovation in MENA region, we need to first develop the education to create a generation capable of building the future.

In 2018, we started a new chapter in our journey and launched the first educational camp: SciTech Heroes. It’s a five-day science camp for students aged between 10 and 15 years old.

During one week, students will enjoy a mix of science and technology with fun and games, through interactive, hands-on and engaging project-based activities. In addition, they will be equipped with skills such as effective communication, transdisciplinary collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, and project management.

The camp has 6 programs in the fields of science, technology, robotics, programming, geology and rocket science to cover all the fields that make our kids innovate and create great ideas to build a better tomorrow.


Supernova, is an annual, all-day-long showcase that celebrates the journey of innovators, from ideation to development and up until market launch and growth. The festival brings together a network of startups across different stages of their paths and connects them with investors, industry experts , and experts across diverse industries.

We started this showcase with the vision of gathering our collective experiences and networks to celebrate the ecosystem that we’ve built over the years. For us, Supernova represents the changing point where innovative ideas are transformed into impactful projects. Behind the scenes,

Innoventures is a VC firm that invests in and supports the country’s most promising entrepreneurs through an array of activities, including seed-stage acceleration, venture funding, business mentoring and training, and various community programs.

Ideaspace is a nationwide coworking hub that provides an inclusive, empowering and fullyequipped business space that promotes innovation, collaboration , and enablement for entrepreneurs and creators.

Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GIE) creates support and exposure experiences for innovators by managing, organizing and participating in programs, initiatives, worldwide competitions, challenges, and training programs.

We are linked by our passion for creating a platform for innovators to express themselves, develop their ideas, and realize their dreams. Each partner works on supporting innovators in a different aspect of their lives, with GIE focused on inspiring young minds and encouraging the spark of innovation, Ideaspace focused on building innovative ideas and Innoventures focused on fueling the growth of innovative ideas.

Our work is devoted to connecting innovators and entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to execute their dreams on the ground, and that’s where Supernova comes in. We are, at the very core, innovators with a single mandate: achieving real change in our community. We support the different, the unique, the bright, and the daring.

Know more: http://supernova.ideaspace.xyz/

Fanni Mobtker:

Fanni Mobtaker is a national competition that is held by Ideaspace and Eteisal with the partnership of Ministry of Education and Technical Education, USAID with support of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. The competition is held in all of Egypt, in (Alexandria, Monufia, Sharqia, Gharbia, Port said, Red sea, Aswan, Ismailia, Damietta, Faiyum, Beni Suef) having participants from all of the technical education schools in those governorates, giving the chance to these young minds.

The competition consists of four stages (applying, filtration, pre-final, closing ceremony), and the main Aim of the four stages, is to provide the needed help to 100 ideas & project, to create a prototype and the first ranks in all of the stages will receive fund that reaches 1,500,000 LE, to enable them to start their business and compete in the market.

Know more: https://fannimobtaker.com/en/