Achievements for the Arab ROV

During this year the competition had participants from all over the world, different teams from 18 countries, including three Arab nations which were Egypt, UAE, Tunis.

Despite the furious competition and the spirit that covered Kingsport Aquatic Center, USA, our amazing Arab teams managed to collect different rewards on both team and personal scales.

As Invictus Explorer managed to be in the second place in Finals of MATE ROV International Competition over tens of other teams, they also managed to have the first place in the Product Demonstration.

While MIA Explorer faced a lot of obstacles and difficulties, as they could not participate in the first product demonstration trial but they kept their spirit high and dedication and managed to earn the first place in Microsoft challenge

To be the most creative and innovative one from 810 personal is truly hard to reach but not for Rawan Hisham who received the flying fish reward for her achievement of creativity and innovation.

The participation during this year competition was the biggest in number from Arab countries, we will be back again next year with even more inspired, smart working, innovative, and most importantly spirted teams from all over our Arab world.