By-products build cities

Everything can be utilized and used beneficially, but also it can be a waste that causes harmful effects for humanity, however, the outcome of using these resources depends on the mindset of those who control the process of extracting, building or using.

Palm trees are one of the most important resources that exist on our planet, it helped in various fields whether it was economic as trading or manicuring, through history it used to provide us with wood and leaves for building homes in the Arabian Peninsula and all over the middle east.

Utilizing the by-products of palm trees caused a lot of harmful effect as the spread of fire, and insects, but nowadays everything is changed as ByPalma Conference is the first conference of its kind solely focusing on the by-products of palm plantation around the globe and their current and potential applications.

This includes all Palmae family, such as Date palms, Coconut palms, Oil palms, Doum palms, sugar palm…etc.

Aiming to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, artisans, entrepreneurs and industry professionals active in the area of palm by-products R&D, manufacturing, and crafts from all around the globe to exchange recent developments, technologies, innovations, trends, concerns, challenges, and opportunities.

And to rediscover palm by-products and maximize their added-value and create an economical resource that can help in the sustainable development of vast areas in different countries in the world.

In the upcoming days, the ByPalma conference will be held in the UAE, gathering entrepreneurs, businessmen, industry professionals from all over the world in order to improve the way we use the by-products of palm trees and adding additional fields of their usage.