From invention to innovation

As innovation and inventing are the key to have improved bright economy and future, days ago Dubai University witnessed one of its kind Forum, that gathered inventors from all over gulf countries, the GCC inventor’s forum is an initiative that was planned and organized by the University of Dubai, that aims to spread also solidify the idea of developing capabilities of upcoming generations, to work in smart and innovative way, inventing solutions to humanity problems and how to improve life.

The forum also aimed to create and to develop a network among all of the inventors, investors, business-men from all the participating countries, to overcome any difficulties, facilitate communications.

The event had a list of successful entrepreneurs, business-men as guests and speakers, including our CEO Eng. Mohamed Aboud as one of the main speakers during this outstanding forum Eng. Mohamed Aboud discussed a very interesting topic which is “ From invention to innovation “, also engaged in a panel discussion regarding how to make innovation the core of your invention

As per Eng. Mohamed Aboud “I am glad & honored to participate in such event, and I am excited to be part of such forums in the future”, as he believes that such step will surely improve our shared future and economy in an amazing way, as result of supporting and aiding the upcoming generations.