Future of Robotics in Egypt and the Arab world

For the past hundred years’ technology has been under continuous development since the invention of lamps to the creation of cars to the airplanes to space ships to our present day the creation and development of robots.

As indeed existence of high developed robots can aid humanity in different fields if not all of them, In the coming days there will be first of its kind agreement between number of organization across different nations, including Arab Academy of science and technology, Global innovation and entrepreneurship (GIE), and marine technology center in California, Washington University.

This agreement aims for the establishment of the first research center in Egypt and the Arab region to design and manufacturing of naval robots which will assist the search and discovery process of petroleum and organic gas, building and maintenance of naval network cables, maintenance and guarding of naval Bases and every related naval task or mission.

This initiative comes after the successful 8 years of organizing robotics competitions (the Arab ROV) which was held by the Arab Academy of science and technology and Global innovation and entrepreneurship (GIE), in which our company was responsible for the organizing and the management of the competition as a whole with the AAST which saw amazing ideas and projects.

Also the outstanding participation of Arab youth in competitions that were held abroad in the US and many countries, as result the AAST and GIE wanted to keep their roles in leading Egypt and the Arab region in this critical and important field which will aid our Arab world in an unimaginable way.

There will be a variety of the organizations participating and supporting the creation of this outstanding place as Egyptian central bank and bank Masr and our company which will hold an advisory role, and there will be representatives from all of these organizations in addition to more, Including President of Bank Masr, Head of board of directors of Central bank of Egypt, President of Academy of scientific research, President of Ain Shams University, President of Al Azhar University

This event will be covered by different Egyptian and Arab media agencies to document this historical moment.